Coffins and Caskets

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Choose from a variety of materials, finishes, colours, handles and personalised options. 

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Oak Veneer Range

The most popular and traditional style of coffin. The 'Whitby' - Light oak coloured veneer. The 'Roseberry' - Light mahogany coloured veneer. The 'Saltburn' - Light oak coloured veneer with beading.

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Personalised Range

Create a coffin that's truly personal to your loved one by adding any picture, a special engraving or choosing any colour.

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Sustainable Range

The 'Osmotherly'- A buff or white wicker coffin The 'Leven' - Simple white or brown cardboard coffin The 'Newton' - A warm pine coloured oak veneer coffin with wooden handles

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Solid Oak Range

Traditional coffins crafted from solid oak, featuring classic panels and double raised lids.

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Solid Oak Casket Range

American -style finely crafted wooden coffins made from solid oak, featuring classic panelling and double raised lids. The 'Durham' - Medium coloured solid oak. The 'Beaumont' - Dark Maghogany coloured solid oak. The 'Dudley' - Solid oak with a shaded finish.

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Natural Range

The 'Swaledale' Made in Yorkshire from new pure wool. The 'Carlton' Bamboo coffin manufactured by a FairTrade company. The 'Broughton' is created from the Indonesian Pandanus plant and interwoven with Rattan.

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Ashes Casket Range

We offer a variety of different caskets for cremated remains.